... of Drought and Flooding Rains and Bushfires

From February 2019
and continues through
Sep / Oct / Nov / Dec 2019
Jan / Feb 2020
March 2021 - Floods
January 2022 - Tonga Volcano

January - March 2022/2023/2024 - Qld/NSW/Vic Floods
The Fraser Lions Club
Disaster Relief
Every Dollar!! donated to the Lions Clubs
for relief projects is distributed directly by designated Lions committees.
Distribution time and expenses is personally carried by the LIONS members
Everyone who is contributing
Is Making a 100% DIFFERENCE

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Australian Lions Foundation

National Bushfire Appeal

Funds Raised

 Lions C1 District - South Australia


Lions C2 District - NSW/ SA


Lions C1/C2 Combined - NSW/ SA


Lions N1 District - NSW Sth Coast


Lions N2/N3 Combined - NSW Sth Coast


Lions N4 District - NSW Central


Lions Q1 District - QLD South


Lions Q4 District - QLD Central


Lions V2 District - VIC Sth West




Australian Lions Foundation

National Bushfire Appeal

Distributed Funds at 24th Jan 2020

 Aust Lions Fndtn (ALF)


Supply and power setup for tanks for 2 properties

 Aust Lions Fndtn (ALF)


straight donation

 Lions Club Intnl Fndtn


straight donation

 Q4 Bushfire Appeal (1)


This is the Fraser Lions Club DIstrict

 Need For Feed


Lions Need For Feed Project Drought  Appeal

 Q4 Bushfire Appeal (2)


This is the Fraser Lions Club DIstrict

Q4 Drought Appeal


This is the Fraser Lions Club DIstrict




Donations from the Fraser Lions Club     Nov-Dec-Jan-Feb 2019-2020   (included in the above amounts)

The above donations from Fraser Lions included

$  400    Howard Quilters

$1516    Public Donations mainly at Christmas Cake sale stands

These amounts are over and above the $8424 raised and donated to the Drought Appeal in February 2019

This level of generosity from the Hervey Bay community displays a commitment towards fellow Australians.

The Fraser Lions Club acknowledges your recognition of our organisation to carry through on your commitment.

Drought and Bushfire Funding - To Feb 2020

Lions International in Turkiye

Providing relief and support services
in the aftermath of the earthquake
Feb 2023.